Happy Birthday Caitlin

My oldest child turned 13 on Thursday. We celebrated by taking her to Red Robin for dinner. As for her actual birthday, that was pretty much it. However, we had a big party for her yesterday.

Friday night she went to her dad’s so that Saturday morning her step-mom could take her to get her hair done before everyone joined her. My job was to pick up 5 of her nearest and dearest friends and meet up at home base, which was her father’s house.

Once there and ready to go, our first stop was the nail salon. The first one we went to wasn’t going to bother with trying to fit us in. “You come back in an hour?” No, we need to start now because we’re on a time schedule. “No, you come back in an hour.” No, bye bye. Now mind you we had 7 girls getting mani-pedi’s. I understand that’s a lot of people, but that’s also a lot of money and I’d sure as heck try to fit them in and start the process.

So away we go and a block later we found another salon who saw dollar signs when told we have 7 girls. They loaded up the spa tubs and then worked through each girl systematically. *side note, I ran into an old jr. high/high school friend there who was getting her nails done. Small world indeed*

After the girls were done being pampered, we headed over to the Brea Mall where Caitlin had an appointment at Mac. The store was too crowded for all of us to be in there with her, so I passed the camera to her step-mom and headed out into the mall in search of a few Christmas gifts. Multi tasking is good. The rest of the girls goofed off taking “MySpace” pictures.

Once her makeup was completed, the plan was to go to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Jason, Jessalyn and Chris wanted to join us for dinner and he got to the restaurant first. He called to let us know it was going to be 2.5 to 3 hours before we could be seated. After checking the time (6:30) we decided hell no we’re not waiting that long. At this point you may insert your own special brand of drama from a teenager and I’ll leave it at that.

Jason went back home and we ended up at TGI Friday’s for dinner, which I can tell you was way more fun than the Cheesecake Factory ever would have been. When it’s your birthday, they randomly come to you throughout dinner and tie balloons to your hair. Caitlin had 7 balloons tied to her head at one point.  Dinner was fun and we all ended up having a fantastic time.

(I’d insert a picture here but I can’t because I didn’t take any pictures after dinner)

From there it was back to her step-mom’s house where we had a huge spread of dipping items such as a metric ton of fruit, to cakes, to pretzels, and  marshmallows, cookies, you name it we had it, and we attempted two chocolate fountains. We had a white one and a milk chocolate one but neither of them worked worth a darn. The white chocolate was grainy and the milk chocolate refused to even flow. That didn’t stop the girls from trying though. Even though that portion of the party was a bust, they all still had a great time.

Everyone was spending the night there but me. I headed out around 11:15 to sleep in my own bed. That brings us to this morning. I’ll be going back in a while to join them for breakfast before bringing the girls home and getting on with my day.

I hope Caitlin really appreciates all that went into the planning and execution of her party. It was an expensive venture for sure, but one she’ll remember probably for the rest of her life. She wanted to welcome her teenage years with a bang, and she certainly did. The evening wasn’t without drama, but even so, I think the good outweighed the bad.

Here she was in the summer of 2000 at age 5 when this photo was taken. It’s awful hard to wrap my brain around the fact that she was ever so little.

So here’s to Caitlin for her 13th birthday, and here’s to us, her parents who now have a teenager living at home. Lord help us get through the challenges that lie ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Caitlin”

  1. Jen,

    What an awesome day you planned! I have no clue how special manicure and pedicures are, but I’m sure the girls had a blast.

    As for a teen in the house, although I can not speak from experience since my son is only 4 right now, but if you continue to love and respect Caitlin as you have done these past 13 years, you should be in good shape. Try to remember what life was like for you at that age and the struggles and challenges you had socially, emotional and physically and then you’ll have a better chance of enjoying her teen years.

    Good luck!


  2. Hey, Jen.

    Give Caitlin a big hug and birthday kiss for me! Let her know that we love her and hope she had a great birthday.

    As for you… heck… can you plan MY birthday party? How flippin’ awesome!
    I wonder if we are wasting all of our planning talents on the young? It’s a good thing we take pictures because when they are our age and dealing with their own children, they will understand and appreciate what we’ve done for them!

    You are an amazing mom and I hope that someday we really get to spend many days and a lifetime sharing our adventures with our children and then, who knows.. maybe even their children!!

    *big hugs*


  3. :Reading that was great, just like being there! Caitlyn looks just TOO GROWN with make up on! You’ve got a heartbreaker on your hands for certain.
    As for the challenges..I say, THANK GOD you go first. I need someone to figure this stuff out before I have to!! Another comment mentioned that you should remember what you felt like at that age, and I think that’s exactly right. Being a teenager is tough. Too bad we didn’t know back then it was tough on the parents, too.

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