31 Little Things #9

Today, I needed to take Jessalyn out for a while so that Jason could guest on a podcast. We first went to Target where I picked up a few items I really needed. Then we started walking the store. We were by the toys and I couldn’t get her away from there for the life of me. So in order to divert her attention, I asked her if she wanted to look at the flowers. Of course she came running so she could look at all of the “pretties.”

It’s been my goal for this year to finally get rid of an ugly plant I’ve had on the back patio. I have no idea where the plant actually came from because we moved it here with us. I just don’t remember where I got it.

So today while we were checking out the plants, I came across this daisy. That was it, I knew I had found my replacement for the ugly beast. It’s not the best picture to show you just how cute it really is, but here it is anyhow.

31 Little Things #9

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