31 Little Things #18

Today shows Jessalyn taking a “practice run” with her new potty. She never sat on this kind before, although she does have a potty chair upstairs. She wanted to see how it worked, so I stuck her her on it wearing clothes and all.

31 Little Things #18

We’ve been introducing to Jessalyn the idea of using a potty. She’s successfully used her Jess sized potty twice now. Since we have 2 bathrooms here, I got 2 different toilets for her to use. The first is one of those stand alone, kid chair toilets, and then for the downstairs I got the kind that goes on top of the regular toilet. The last thing I wanted to worry about was when we really get rolling with this, she needs to go and can’t make it to correct bathroom. So I figured it’s just easier to have something available in both bathrooms for her should the need arise. Also, since the downstairs bathroom is so small, I figured the kind that goes on top of the existing toilet would be ideal, rather than a separate chair for her.

I’d like to note here that the yucky looking stuff on the front of the toilet is sticker residue from a cruddy toilet lock that didn’t actually work. Yes, I do clean my toilets regularly.

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  1. That’s the same seat we had for Sarah back in the day. The kids eventually destroyed it so Fletcher is using a new Sesame Street one now.

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