31 Little Things #23

And I’m back on the food thing.

31 Little Things #23

Today I made a special dessert for Easter dinner. It doesn’t really have a name, and it’s a variation of one my mom used to make for parties.

Here’s the “recipe” in case you’d like to try it out. I use the term recipe loosely because there isn’t really a recipe for it, just a basic guideline.

Mmmm Cake

1 to 2 angel food cakes (I buy them already made) cut or torn into bite sized pieces

1-2 large boxes of pudding, any flavor

Fruit, whatever kind you like (Sometimes I use fresh, sometimes I use cherry pie filling)

Put your cake into the bottom of a large serving dish (or get fancy with a trifle dish) Put your pudding over that, and top it off with your fruit of choice! There ya go. Easy peasy.

The cake pictured above has banana pudding with fresh banana cut up into it and the fruit is 2 boxes of fresh strawberries that I sliced, put some sugar over and let macerate a while. I’m willing to bet they’d be good if they sat in a little brandy or Marsala for a while. However, not really appropriate for where I’m going today. It also needs to be kid friendly and the alcohol pretty much would null that out since this is absolutely a no bake cake.

My mother usually makes this with chocolate pudding and cherry pie filling. With all the pudding flavors and fruit available, especially with summer and berries coming, you can really do a lot with this cake. As you can see, the possibilities are endless and you’re only limited by your own creativity.

Create. Eat. Enjoy!

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