31 Little Things #26

The Hot Guy and the Pretty Girl: Supersized Edition

I had a double date of sorts. My husband Jason and our littlest one Jessalyn and I decided to have a date night. He came home from work and off we all went to Anaheim (CA) for food and fun.

Let me preface by saying, as always the pictures have been taken with my camera phone. Most of them were taken after dark and unless you can stand perfectly still, forget about perfect, crisp shots. Several of them are a little blurry, but let’s not worry too much about that ok?

So we arrived at our destination

31 Little Things #26-1

Then we headed on over to where we were going to have dinner. You may recognize the name of the place (Tortilla Jo’s Cantina) if you listen to Tucker Tales. This is the location of my Girl’s Night Out/Margaritafest

31 Little Things #26-2

But this time I wasn’t here for a margarita, no no no, I had my sights set on a coconut mojito.

31 Little Things #26-4

By now you might be wondering about this so-called “Hot Guy.” Well here he is sitting across from me.

31 Little Things #26-3

We ordered our food. I ordered the Shredded Beef Burrito with Salsa Roja and Jason had Steak Fajitas. While I was eating, I found a stick in my burrito. Really it was a little branch of thyme that didn’t get tossed into the right spot and ended up in my food. I didn’t care, it’s edible if you want to chew on a stick, but I told our server about it, not to get something for free, but just to let them know. They ended up comping my burrito and tried to get me a new one a few times. I refused a new one, mine was good enough. They were really nice about it, and I made sure to let them know I wasn’t mad or disgusted. Anyhow here’s my excellent burrito.

31 Little Things #26-5

Now what about the pretty girl I mentioned before? She’s constantly on the go so capturing her in low light with a cell phone camera is a challenge.

31 Little Things #26-6

The pretty girl, aka Jessalyn, spent the entire time looking at Build A Bear while we were at the table. She has never been in one and really doesn’t know what it is. However she saw from afar bright colors and cute pictures of bears. She kept asking to go in there. We ushered her away from there because we wanted to take her into the second largest Disney store in the world.

31 Little Things #26-8

While we were there, we ran into a few friends

31 Little Things #26-9

We also saw a very large snow globe to which Jessalyn exclaimed, “A Castle!!!”

31 Little Things #26-10

And lastly, We found Alice hiding over by the stuffies.

31 Little Things #26-11

After this we bought Jessalyn a Pluto stuffie to go with the rest of the Disney stuffies she has. It was getting late and we needed to get her home and to bed. So there are no more pictures for today.

I know this post is different than the rest in which I took one picture a day of something little that makes me smile, but I had a terrific night and couldn’t pick just one thing. The whole night was great fun.

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