31 Little Things #29

As I was going through things, I found a bag of fabric that I intended to use last year when I was making Jess some new dresses. I never got around to it, but today I put that fabric to use. First thing I did was make Jessalyn a new pillow. She’s started sleeping with one for nap and bed time. I guess that’s just another indicator that she’s growing up.

Then I took a long hard look at “Pilo’s” pillow case and decided it just wouldn’t do. You all remember Pilo from 31 Little Things #6 right? It’s my squishy huggy pillow, the one I hold on to while sleeping. It’s not meant to go under my head as I sleep. It’s an incredibly squishy feather pillow. Also? Jason’s jealous it gets more cuddles than he does, and yet he’ll steal it from me in the night.

Anyhow, the cover was looking quite ratty and faded so I whipped up a new one today.

31 Little Things #29

The fabric has frogs hopping and frogs driving cars and says “Toot toot!” on it. It’s flippin adorable.

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