31 Days, 31 Dinners – 1

It’s time, once again for another month long photo project.

I think I’ve mentioned before that having projects seems to be the only way I can actually do something with this site other than just having pages and pages of Utterz listed.

So, for the month of July, I’ll be taking a dinner related snapshot every night. You might get a picture of the actual food on a plate or in serving dishes. You might get the before shot while I’m prepping a meal. You might get a shot of a sign or something similar if we’re eating out that night.

And that’s exactly what you get for July 1.

On this night, Jason, Jessalyn and I ended up at Chipotle for dinner. It wasn’t until after I’d eaten my burrito that I remembered I was supposed to take a picture of it. Oops.

I had a vegetarian fajita burrito and diet soda. Oh yeah, and a handful of chips. I’m not exactly sure what seasonings they put on their chips but, holy cow! It’s good

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