31 Days, 31 Dinners -5

Saturday saw lots of running around car shopping. I started off going with Jason, but by mid day when it was starting to look like we may never find a car, Jason bribed his brother into helping him out. I’m glad he did because I know nothing about cars, therefore my answer to, “What do you think” would always be based on how the car physically looks.

Anyhow, part of the deal was feeding my brother-in-law dinner. When asked what he wanted, he threw out “Tacos.” And so that’s what we had.

I know it may not be the most appetizing picture, but they were tasty nonetheless.

Tacos are a team effort around here. It’s my job to prepare the meat and any other fillings we’ll be having (which is usually only cheese and sour cream) and it’s Jason’s job to fry them up. Yes, we go the super healthful route by sticking them in hot oil!

Jason didn’t cook these as much as I usually prefer. I like them a bit browner and crispier, but he was pretty wiped out by the time we got around to making dinner. It as already 8:30 at that point, so I’m just grateful he helped out at all.

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