31 Days, 31 Dinners -7,8,9

So I’m a little behind on this project. Don’t think anyone has noticed though. No one has said, “Hey Jen! What happened? I’m desperate to know what you’ve eaten for the past 3 days!!!”

Well, too bad if you don’t care because I’m back with an update anyhow.

July 7

I blew this day bigtime. I completely forgot the take a picture. So sit back, read this through, then close your eyes and picture it yourself. Cheese and spinach ravioli with alfredo sauce, and cheesy garlic bread. Mmmm

July 8

I made 2 dinners this night. Jason was out for the evening, Christian was heading out early so I made dinner at 5. Well I wasn’t hungry at 5 so I didn’t make enough for me. Only for the kids. They had cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce and regular old garlic bread. By the time I was hungry, there was nothing left which was fine. I wasn’t especially excited about basically repeating the last night’s dinner. So I cooked up some more minute steaks, dished out some potato salad, and made a few more pieces of garlic bread.

July 10

Last night was homemade pizza night. My favorite grocery store, Fresh and Easy carries packages of fresh pizza dough. No mixing or kneading required. Not only that, it tastes fantastic. I’ve made several pizza’s and bread sticks out of it. I like to keep a package on hand because it’s so good.

I’m not one to make the same tired pizza over and over. Sure I’ve done the pepperoni, sausage, bbq chicken, and the like. But I don’t like to make the same thing over and over. My recent favorite was the pizza with alfredo sauce (man can you tell we’re fans of alfredo here?) mild italian sausage and mozzarella/asiago cheeses. Holy cow was that a good one.

But last night we went with no sauce. Just olive oil and some garlic seasoning blend. Top that with some provolone cheese and some sopressata salami. That’s it. I did heat up some creamy tomato and basil pasta sauce for Jason’s dipping pleasure. The kicker? Caitlin loved it! The girl who doesn’t love anything I make loved it. Jess did too. Chris missed out because he wasn’t here.

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