When Were You The Happiest?

The question “When were you the happiest?” comes from my friend Tom over at http://bubalu.livejournal.com/

There’s a small star shaped spot somewhere in my heart that’s filled with memories of Tom. To this day I can’t go to San Diego without thinking of him, just a bit.

I’ve been mulling over this question since yesterday, and I’m still not any closer to an answer than I was when I first read it. I don’t know that I’m able to look back over the past 34 years and come up with a time that I was “the happiest.”

I could say my wedding day. Pick one, I’ve had two. I could say the day my child came into this world. Pick one, I’ve had three.

Maybe it was the day I graduated high school.

Or how about the day I got my drivers license?

It could have been Christmas morning when I was a child. Or maybe it’s Christmas morning with my own children.

Could it be the day my divorce (after being separated for over 4 years) was finalized and I was finally able to set into motion a plan to spend my life with the man I truly wanted to (and still do by the way) spend the rest of my days with?

Or how about the time I went to San Francisco completely alone and spent a few days with some of the most wonderful people in the city?

It might have been the day that I stopped crying after my grandfather’s passing and embraced the fact that he was finally at peace. He was no longer suffering and in pain.

I just don’t think I can boil it all down and have a single answer to such a complex question. I really don’t know.

I’ve had many, many times in my life when I’ve been completely happy. I guess I should consider myself blessed that I can’t come up with just one time I was the happiest.

However, I’d have to say that the day I married Jason and the 3 days my children came into this world rank up there pretty high.

So Tom, thanks for the brain melting inspiring question.

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