Coping With Crisis

I don’t know what it is exactly, but the desire to work on something, anything during financially unstable times is strong. The problem is that when cash is super tight, I get a wild hair to do something new. And it’s not like I know I can supplement our income with my creations. I’ve never made something that I could sell on Etsy. Or maybe I have and just don’t know it. Everything I make I look at and think, “this isn’t good enough, no one in their right mind would pay money for this.”

The last time Jason was laid off, I started making jewelry. I even sold quite a few items. I didn’t sell them online, but I ended up selling about $75 worth of stuff. Unfortunately it wasn’t until after Jason was employed and so that $75 didn’t do anything to help with the financial struggle that comes along with the only employed person being out of work.

Three months later and we’re back in the same boat, and he’s unemployed. And once again, I’ve got the strong desire to work on crafts. This time I want to try my hand at resin casting. Resin casting isn’t exactly cheap. First you have to get the resin, and the molds, and the wooden stir sticks, and the mixing cups, and then you have to know what you want to do with it. Well the only part covered there is what I want to do with it. However I’m not even sure what I want to do is something I could even try to make money on. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m obsessed with Twilight (we know, we know, shut UP about it already!) and I’d really like to do some themed pendents. However, I’m certain the book artwork is protected by copyright and so it’s not legal to use those images. And I highly doubt it’s legal to take stills from the movie and use them in something I want to ultimately sell. Plenty of people do just that, but I can’t exactly risk a lawsuit.

That leaves embedding other items into the resin which is cool its own right. But the problem is I don’t want to spend money on the supplies. I *think* I could do a good enough job that I could make a little money on it, but I’m not sure and so spending the cash on it seems irresponsible.

There’s just something about crafting during a crisis that comforts me. It makes me feel like I’m doing something, even though I’m really not. I guess it keeps my mind busy so I’m not jus tthinking about how scary life is at the time.

What kind of coping mechanisms do you have in place to help you through those dark days of instability, be it financial, health, whatever you may face?

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Jen Tucker

I'm a wife, mother of three and stay at home mom. I consider myself blessed to have such a wonderful network of friends and family around me. It may not be large, but it's an important one. I look forward to sharing my stories with you, and it is my hope that I can bring a smile to your heart as you read.

2 thoughts on “Coping With Crisis”

  1. Too bad there isn’t a new medium that would allow you to demonstrate your crafts and craft ideas to others who might be interested in crafting. With this “media venture” you could pick up sponsor who not only pay for your supplies but probably your hosting and a little bit extra. You could also offer to create custom items for your “watchers” at a fair price who could then tell their friends about this extremely awesome “thingy” that you can watch on the internet on your computer or …wait for it… on an ipod or iphone… I KNOW!

    Too bad there wasn’t some way of doing that…

    And too bad your significant other isn’t handy with web sites and video and audio editing that could produce high quality video and audio so that you could focus on the crafting.

    Could be a interesting and mildly profitable, if only that sort of thing existed.

    Pity…I think it’d be a winner!


    P.S. I know… broken record šŸ™‚

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