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In the interest of “Full Disclosure” and all that, allow me to state for the record I’m not getting paid to do this “review.” I haven’t been approached by anyone asking me to review this product. I’m getting absolutely zip for doing it. I have, however, used the product so I thought I’d tell you how it went.

So the story begins with my mother. She had this thing and asked me if I had seen it or used it. She was surprised that it actually worked. I told her I had seen it but didn’t use it. She said she got hers at CVS. Honestly, I had no intention in purchasing this product, and I wasn’t even all that interested in trying it out.

What am I talking about? Smooth Away. Well according to the website: Each Smooth Away Pad Is Covered With Superfine Crystals That Buff Away Unwanted Hair Leaving Your Skin So Soft & Incredibly Smooth. (Personal aside, beware of the video that starts if you choose to go to the website)

Anyhow, I had gone over to my mother’s yesterday and she says, “That pile of stuff on the floor there is for you.” Included in said pile was the Smooth Away Hair Removal System.

Ok, I though, I’ll go ahead and try it out. There is a long list of do’s and don’ts. Do have clean skin. Don’t have wet skin or any kind of cream or lotion on your skin. Do rub in a circle. Don’t rub the pad up and down or side to side. Do apply gentle even pressure. Don’t press too hard.

So there ya have it. Seems easy enough. You just slap a pad on and start rubbing the hair off. This product actually does a pretty darn good job at removing the hair. (I only used it on my legs) When the instructions say don’t push too hard, listen! I was having trouble with the area over my shins. It didn’t seem to want to remove anything from the area at all. So of course I started rubbing it up and down too fast and too hard. At least it didn’t break the skin and cause bleeding or anything like that.

The other “problem” I encountered was that it made my legs crazy ashy. So once I was all done getting off as much unwanted hair as possible, I slapped on some scented lotion. That’s when I learned they mean it about the not pressing too hard and not going up and down too fast thing. Ladies, you know how when you shave and then shortly after go in the pool or the ocean and it feeels like your legs are burning off? Yeah, the scented lotion was doing the same thing to my legs, but only where I rubbed too vigorously. Lesson learned.

  • So will I buy replacement pads when these are done? Probably. It’s easy enough to use the product.
  • Would I recommend it to others, especially since I didn’t put up any of my own money to buy the thing? I guess that depends. How much do you hate shaving? Can you stand to have legs that aren’t perfectly smooth? Maybe I’m the only one with that issue. I’ll say yes, I’d recommend it.
  • But would I spend MY money on it? I think I would since I know it actually does (mostly) what it says it does.
  • Has this product revolutionized the way I think about hair removal? Uhhh, not really. It does work much better than I had expected it to. But I’m not going to tell everyone in the free world about Smooth Away. If the subject of shaving comes up with girlfriends, sure, I’ll talk about it. It’s a pretty good little product that I’ll be using for a while.
  • On a scale of 1-5 (1 being don’t bother and 5 being OMG go get one NOW NOW NOW!) What would you rate your experience with the Smooth Away hair removal product? I’d give it a solid 3. I’d even go so far as to say it’s a 3.5. It’s easy to use, works pretty well, and isn’t all that expensive.

If you try it out and have a completely different experience, or have a question about it that I may not have answered, please leave a comment.

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5 thoughts on “Reviews You Can Use – Or Not – Smooth Away”

  1. Wow, thanks for the review! When I saw the commercial on TV, I thought, “That’ll never work!!” I would actually give this a try, because I hate shaving. Thanks again!

  2. I disagree. Smooth away made my legs burn and i did not use any scented lotion. Would i tell someone to go buy it? No it does not work.
    it burns causes rashes and leaves stubbles. its worse than as if i didnt shave. Rather i rubbed to hard or not smooth away did not work for me at all.

  3. I just bought this product today, Smooth Away. I saw it on tv and a friend of mine has it and said it works great. I was curious so I bought it. I have to say I really like it. Just follow the directions and it works great. Your legs or area you’re using it on have to be clean and dry and go in circular motions back and forth. Patience is the key here. My legs have never been smoother even when I used a razor. Thumbs up for Smooth Away!

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