The Friday Five – Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness


This week we visit my nemesis, housework.

Unfortunately, being a stay at home mom, the brunt of the housework falls squarely on my shoulders.

  1. What housekeeping chore(s) do you hate doing the most?
  2. Are there any that you like or don’t mind doing?
  3. Do you have a routine throughout the week or just clean as it’s needed?
  4. Do you have any odd cleaning/housekeeping quirks or rules?
  5. What was the last thing you cleaned?


1) What housekeeping chore(s) do you hate doing the most? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say  it again. Doing the dishes. Our apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher so everything has to be done by hand. Because of that, getting the motivation to keep up with it and make sure it’s done in a timely manner doesn’t always happen. I’d like to say they’re done every night and I wake up to a clean kitchen. That’s just not the reality though.

2) Are there any that you like or don’t mind doing? Hmmm. I can’t really think of any that I *like* doing. I like the results of every chore, but actually doing them? I don’t mind folding clothes. Oh, I guess I like cooking dinner. But that doesn’t seem like a “chore” to me.

3) Do you have a routine throughout the week, or just clean as it’s needed? I honestly wish I had a schedule. I’ve tried to impliment one, but it never worked out. I’ve tried the Flylady program, but I’ve never really stuck with it. I also wish I could say I clean as it’s needed, but sometimes it goes beyond that. Sometimes, I clean after it’s been needed for days and I can no longer stand it anymore.

4) Do you have any odd cleaning/housekeeping quirks or rules? I’m not even sure what this could mean. I suppose that would make my answer no.

5) What is the last thing you cleaned? I gave the coffee table a good scrub down.

That brings me to a question of my own. In your own household, how are the chores divided? Do you share the workload with your spouse/kids/whoever else lives there? Are they equally divided? If not, what’s the reason for that? Here’s what it’s like at our house:


  • laundry
  • dishes
  • cooking
  • straightening up
  • vacuuming
  • dusting
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • mopping
  • grocery shopping
  • gift buying
  • schedule keeper
  • taking out the trash

And pretty much anything else that doesn’t include the following


  • Earning an income
  • Paying the bills
  • Putting away his own clean clothes


  • Putting away her own clean clothes
  • Keeping her room clean (hahahaha, yeah right)
  • Keeping her bathroom items in check (again, hahaha)
  • spending as much time on MySpace as possible, oh wait, that’s not a chore, but she works it like crazy. Trying to get that girl to do chores… Well I just don’t want to get into that conversation right now.


She’s actually a pretty good little helper. she wants to be involved in pretty much everything except the vacuuming. But she helps me put away her clean laundry, she’ll “help” wash dishes, she loves to “help” me cook. You name it, she’s willing to give a little hand whenever possible. Well most of the time anyway.

And Christian:

Well, since he doesn’t live here anymore, He really only needs to keep track of his stuff when he is here. He also helps me clean up the living room from time to time.

Well there you have it. A thrilling look into the inner workings of the Tucker Household. Thrilling isn’t it?

Now it’s your turn. Either comment here or copy the questions onto your blog, online journal, or create a facebook note and link back so I can read your responses.

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