What IS All That Stuff?

Pretty much every morning I come downstairs, have a look around, and feel completely overwhelmed by the “stuff” on the floor that shouldn’t be there. Everywhere I look I see little bits and pieces, shoes, toys, books and clothes all over the place.

This morning I gathered some of it together for show and tell. I’m willing to bet you’re giddy with anticipation! Well wait no more because here it is!


Items that weren’t picked up in the camera’s eye:

a broken piece of chalk, plastic lemon, 4 zip ties, caitlin’s shoes, (I forgot to lable) 1 of Jason’s shoes, plastic grapes, more trashy bits I don’t want to think about and so on and so forth.

This isn’t even all of it, but it’s a pretty good sampling. I see more shoes and more of Jessalyn’s clothes. There’s also a laundry basket with clean clothes waiting to be taken upstairs.

It’s a losing battle staying on top of everything here. But I’m not going to complain, not today anyhow. Instead, I’ll just get my daughter the juice and food she asked for, and then clean up the mess. Shouldn’t too hard since it’s all in one spot now.

Have a fantastic week everyone.

May your floors be floss free, just like mine will be in a few minutes!

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3 thoughts on “What IS All That Stuff?”

  1. That’s a good way to clean up by putting it all in one pile. Thinking I should do that too. Wish we didn’t have to, but oh well, that’s why God gave Moms so much patience and endurance 🙂

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