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Over on LiveJournal you will find a community called A Day In My Life.Ā  I really love this community. You see some of the most interesting people doing the most interesting things. However, over the years as the community grew, they had to crack down with the posting rules. Rather than follow strict guidelines, possibly messing it up and thus getting my post deleted, I decided I’d skip LJ all together, and just post my day here, on my own site. TAKE THAT LJ!

What you are about to see is my day, March 18 from about 45 minutes after I woke up and remembered I’d been wanting to do this, through the time I went to bed. Sort of. I ended up staying awake chatting with the husband for another 30 or so minutes after the last photo.

Are you ready? Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, tea, a soda or whatever because there are 71 pictures ahead! Captions are UNDER each picture.


First things first. Let’s establish the start time. This was about 45 minutes after I woke up.


Sit down, check LJ, Twitter, Skype, Google Reader, email. You know, all the usual suspects.


Just about time to head out for the the morning carpool run to the school. Didn’t have a chance to have my second cup of coffee, so I pour one to go.


Gotta pick up my girlfriend’s daughter. Loving the socks! Apparently it was Crazy Sock Day. Caitlin chose to wear jeans and not participate. Lame.


They have been delivered at school. Bye girls!


Now that I’m alone in the car, I put on one of my favorite podcasts.


Oh wonderful. As I’m driving away I noticed Caitlin’s school project sitting on the dashboard. I tried calling. And calling. And calling. 4 times. No answer even though school hadn’t started yet. So I turn around and…


Go back to the school to drop it in the office for her.


Delivered, and back to the car. But I’m not heading home just yet. First I need to make a stop at…


I’ll spare you the what for. Ok, so now I’m ready to go back…


Home. Hey, it actually looks kind of nice in this light.


I find the little one on the couch watching her tv shows. I guess she woke up before we left so Caitlin threw on the tv for her as she was walking out the door.


Jess tells me she’s hungry and asks me to make her eggs. Here they are, almost ready, but they still need a little more scrambling action.


Back to the computer, and this time it’s Facebook’s turn for a little love. But then I hear something I absolutely hate to hear. Mom, I don’t like the eggs. Can I have something else?


Most of the time the answer is no. But I decided I’d just eat the eggs myself since I hadn’t had breakfast yet. I made her a pb&j instead.


I go upstairs and find the husband still sleeping. Do you like his fluffy blue slippers next to the bed? Just kidding. Those are Caitlin’s and I have no idea why they’re in our room.


I decide I want to take a bath so I start to fill up the tub. The toys are in there from Jessalyn’s bath the night before. I swear I don’t play with toys in the tub. But wait! My plan is foiled. The water is ice cold which means I have to go downstairs and…


Push the button. Meaning I have to reset the stupid water heater. This happens WAY more often than it should. I’m doing this every other month or so. And of course it never happens when I want to wash the dishes. No, it’s ALWAYS when I’m the one wanting to take a shower/bath.


What a horrible picture. Anyhow, Hello husband! Nice to see you awake. Oh, I’m just waiting for the water to get hot so I can get clean. How are you?


Ok, I got tired of waiting and managed to wait long enough to only half fill the tub with hot water before it ran out. But whatever, I’m clean! wOOt!


And now I’m dressed.


Once again the kitchen is a mess. So I decide to…


Clean it up. Ugh, stupid dishes. Have I mentioned how much I hate doing the dishes? Oh? I have? Ok then, nothing to see here, move along.


Right, I’m hungry. What’s with the eggs you ask? Well my mom keeps buying me 18 packs at the store because they’re buy 1 get 1 free. We use a lot of eggs here. Anyhow, I settle on…


Cream Cheese A chocolate chip bagel. Oh look, a time check. 10:57 am.


Jason and Jess play a few heated games of Candy Land. Jason lost. 3 times. Please ignore that it’s 11 a.m. and Jessalyn is still in pajamas. It’s just how we roll.


I head out to the mailbox only to find it empty. Mail usually gets here by 10:30. It’s late today.


The creepy old dude on the tv watches Jason and Jess clean the coffee table off. It was rather scuzzy from spilled cereal and milk.


Jason gets Jess dressed for the day. I’m really going to miss Mr. Mom when he’s back at work.


Effing internet connection. You’re like that line in that insipid Katy Perry song, “You’re up and you’re down…”


Jess plays Toss The Piglet.


As much as I adore tossing Piglet around, I decide I’d rather have a snack. 2 Mandarin “Cuties” and a caffeine free diet Pepsi.


Oh look, the mail’s finally here! Junk, all junk. Guess I should be happy there were no bills.


I needed a new cutting board to put under my printer (I know, what?!?) so I went to the 99 cent store.


I realize it’s pretty warm today so I check the weather. See that “rain” on Sunday? I’m saying don’t bet on it.


Caitlin sends me a text and it takes me a few minutes to realize she was asking about my 4 calls to her right after I dropped her off at school. I mean jeez, this was 5.5 hours later that she’s asking why I called her.


I’m hungry again. Gosh, it looks like all I do is eat. Anyhow, this is a Big Cheeseburger from Jack In The Box, no mustard, no ketchup. I didn’t get fries or a drink either. After I ate, I headed upstairs because I was getting tired and wanted to take a nap. This is what I found in my bed…


Napping people! Gah, no room for me! So I got on Caitlin’s bed and pretended to sleep.


See? I never did fall asleep because a) it was hot in there and b) the neighbors were loud as hell. So instead, I got up and…


Took out the trash. Nasty.


It was at this point that Jason got the call saying he got the job. But it was difficult to communicate with the guy on the phone because there was a “Ghetto bird” circling just above our place. Once I congratulated him and gave him a big hug and kiss, I headed off to…


My grandma’s house so I could help remove trash left behind by the charity pickup truck. They hadn’t come yet, but my uncle asked me to do something else for him.


He had me throw all this white stuff around under the orange tree. I took this just as he turned on the water so I suspect that’s the reason the color is weird.


Back home and time to check in with Twitter, Skype, Google Reader and email. Oh the joys of email . I got a long, drawn out, completely irritating email. Makes me long for the days when there was no such thing. Anywayz, it was time to get ready to meet up with Dani and her lovely family.


Almost done with the makeup application. Oh! Hello there handsome and goofy husband!


Looking good presentable! Time to go get the oldest from her friend’s house.


Why so shy Caitlin? For someone who’s such a camera w***e, you’d think she’d jump at the chance to have her picture taken. We need some music. Mom’s choice!


And we’re officially off to…




I start flipping out over all the beautiful pins. Who’s that we see???


It’s the ultra amazing DANI!!! And she’s “Tweeting this.” Well that’s what her shirt says anyway. And thus begins the long and painful wait for dinner at…


They told us it would be a 75 minute wait. That was at 5:45. So by my calculations, we should have had a table at 7 p.m. It was about 7:45 when we were finally seated at the table. Not only that, but we had requested a table for 8. When we were taken to the table, there were 7 chairs. o_O Turned out ok because the party ended up being only 6 of us, but WTF Rainforest Cafe?


So we waited…


And waited…


And waited some more… And then finally, we sat and got to the business of ordering.


I had Fish and Chips. I wanted coconut shrimp. I couldn’t decide. While the fish and chips were perfectly good, I wish I had gotten the shrimp.


Dani headed back to the hotel room with dinner in hand for her lovely husband, and I went to my FAVORITE store in the entire world, Basin. Oh how I love Basin. When I was done browsing, I headed over to the candy shop and stared in the window.


Apples, and strawberries and marshmallows (gag) oh my! There were 2 women hard at work…


This one was dipping strawberries into milk chocolate. Mmmmm


It was just about 9:30 and we headed back to the car to go home. Except, we didn’t get too far before…


The fireworks began! So we pulled into a spot and…


Watched the show.Ā  One more before we leave…


šŸ™‚ Do you see it?


Time to get ready for bed. I brush my teeth, wash my face and apply moisturizer.


And I put my pajamas on. It feels pretty hot and stuffy in the room so I check the temp.


77 degrees? Really? Why so hot in there?!


Oh, hello again husband! That explains the hotness šŸ˜‰ I see London, I see France…


I tweet one last time.


I check the time once more. 10:40? I should be a pumpkin by now! But first I’d better…


Set the alarm. Just in case.


And try to fall asleep. However, that’s impossible because a) the lights are on and b) Jason’s busy talking to me about Disneyland. 30 minutes later, I was actually asleep.

So, did you make it to the end of this post? I live quite the exciting life don’t I? Guess, what. It’s your turn to document a day in your life. If you choose to do one, leave a comment and link to your post. I’d love to see what your day is like too!

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  1. That was awesome! LOVE the pic of me- too funny! I am going to this, but after we get home. Looks like fun!

    It was great to see you and the fam- think of us every time you hit the parks! šŸ˜‰

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