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“Borrowing” someone elses car registration tags can land you in some seriously hot water.

Back in June of 2000, I went to Las Vegas with a group of 4 other people. (Side note: Betcha didn’t know you could fit 5 people in a VW Beatle and take a 5-6 hour drive to another state, but you totally can)

Anyhow, our group was leaving from Newport Beach, CA on a Friday, and returning late Sunday. The car I was driving at the time was a really crappy Toyota Corolla that looked like hell, but drove like a champ. The problem? It wouldn’t pass smog so I couldn’t get the registration tags for it. I did, however pay the registration fees. Until it passed the smog check there would be no tags for me.

A few days before we were set to head of to Sin City, I was changing out the tags on my grandmother’s Thunderbird. And there it was, the answer to my problem. The main issue? I’d be parked on the street in NB for a weekend, and I didn’t have current tags. That pretty much guaranteed my car would be towed. If I had a current tag on the car, I figured the police would pass my car by and when I got back, I’d handle the whole smog check issue.

Newport Beach is a pretty snobby city. I really do love NB, but it seems like the police there love to give out tickets for anything and everything.

Anyhow, I parked my car and we were off. We all had a great time, but then it was time to come home. The drive took forever (“for-e-ver, for-e-ver” ~ bonus points if you can name that movie quote.) We pulled in crazy late, but wtf? Where’s my car? WHERE’S MY CAR?!? A few minutes on the phone with the NB Police Department netted the info that my car had been towed. They didn’t really say why.

A few days later, I got a phone call from a nice gentleman at the PD. I’m being serious, he was really nice. He asked me who so-and-so was and I froze. He said my grandmother’s name. I told him who she was and he asked if I realized that the numbers on the tag are assigned. All they had to do was run the tags and they’d know who’s car they belonged to. Doh! Busted.

I explained that the car didn’t pass smog, I was parking in NB for the weekend and I paid the reg. fees but i couldn’t get the tags. He was really understanding and said that since I was totally cooperative, he’d make a note of it in the file for the judge to see when I went to court. Ugh, court.

I guessed they actually ran the tags on the car, because let’s be honest here, the car was an eyesore. It didn’t sit too well on the street in such a hoity toity city. They had to be looking for any reason to get it off the street, and they found it. On a silver platter.

Turns out that “stealing” someone’s registration tags in CA will net you a heafty fine and a misdemeanor on your record. It’s on my record that I’m a thief. Good times.

My advice would be to NOT take your grandmother’s tags just because your car’s tags are expired and there’s still a month or 2 left on hers. That is, unless you like going to court, paying over $500 in fines and having a misdemeanor on your record. If you do, then by all means, go for it!

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