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For years, and I do mean years, if you asked me who/what my favorite band/artist is, I’d automatically say The Cure. It was totally ingrained in my very being that there was no other answer that made any sense.

Now, if you look at my music collection over in iTunes, that wouldn’t sit well with you.  I have 5 of their albums and a single or 2.  How many of their songs do I actually listen to? Two. Burn from The Crow soundtrack, and 100 years from the  Pornography album. Two songs out of hundreds. I quit counting how many albums they have once I hit 24.

The more I think about who my favorite artist/band is, and has been for years, I realize it isn’t actually The Cure at all. I’m not really sure why that was my default answer.

The truth is my favorite band of all time is Depeche Mode. Yes, I’m a child of 80’s music. DM can do little wrong in my book. I don’t think they’ve ever put out an album that’s complete crap. There are some that I like better than others, but isn’t that the case with EVERY band/artist? Some have more misses than hits, but DM seems to stay relevant and grow, but never really lose that sound that I completely love. I took a look through my DM catalog and I currently have 14 albums including several B sides, rarities and collectors editions. I even love Dave Gahan’s solo project.

So there it is. A revelation, even to myself. Depeche Mode is my favorite band

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I'm a wife, mother of three and stay at home mom. I consider myself blessed to have such a wonderful network of friends and family around me. It may not be large, but it's an important one. I look forward to sharing my stories with you, and it is my hope that I can bring a smile to your heart as you read.

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  1. I love your blog! It has a super cute layout. As for me, I am a but unoriginal in that my favorite band is The Beatles. A quick look at my iPod shows that I have well over 1000 Beatles songs, many of them bootlegs. I feel the same way about them. Every song….love it!

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