Caitlin, Destroyer of Tech Gadgets!


We all have special talents don’t we? Mine? Well it’s breaking chairs. I’ve been busting them since I was a teenager. I think it’s because I fall into them rather than just sitting down. At least that’s part of it. Ask any one of my friends and they’ll tell you I’ve got a knack for breaking chairs.

My daughter Caitlin’s special talent? Well that would be destroying technology. Keyboards, iPods, cell phones, you name it, she’s taken one or more down.

It started with my first Mac keyboard. I woke up one morning and found my keyboard sitting in a puddle. Upon further investigation, I discovered she spilled on the keyboard and then didn’t bother to even attempt cleaning and drying it.

The next casualty was my pink iPod Nano that had been a Christmas gift. I couldn’t find it for several days and I was getting really irritated. I always let Caitlin use it when I wasn’t. Finally she came to me and confessed that a week or so before she’d dropped it in the toilet. It wouldn’t turn on after that and instead of telling me, she freaked out and threw it in a dumpster down the street. Yes, she threw my iPod away.

Then there was my Samsung Sync phone. It was a pretty badass phone and just a year old. The only reason I quit using it was because I got my iPhone.  We had a fairly crappy “house cell phone” which in reality became Caitlin’s phone. So when I got the iPhone, we put the sim card in the Sync and she had a pretty nice cell phone. Not long after, she spent the night at a friend’s house. This friend had a loft bed and there were hardwood floors underneath. Apparently the phone fell off the bed, hit the floor, and broke in half. It was now completely useless.

Then I gave her the phone I had before getting the sync. That wasn’t the worst phone in the world, but it wasn’t all that awesome. Anyhow, one Friday she came home from school and told me her phone was stolen.

At this point, Jason gave her his old Motorola. (Look, we really want her to have a cell phone ok, don’t judge us for replacing the phone over and over. We never actually bought a phone for her. She just kept getting hand-me-downs) Anyhow, last week the screen went crazy on it and no one is sure why. Monday Jason decided to just go ahead and buy her a phone. He told her this was it. If anything happened to the phone that she was screwed. This phone would have to last her 2 years.

Last night a call came in and the caller ID was for one of her friends that she was with. “Moooom?” ut oh. “Mom, my phone was in my back pocket and I went to the bathrooma and my phone fell in the toilet.” Her NEW, not even a week old phone fell in the damn toilet. She pulled it out, immediately took out the battery and now we’re just playing the waiting game to see if the thing will work.

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  1. Wow, looks like it’s going to be a long 2 years for her if that phone doesn’t start working again. I like how she takes quick action to try and fix something when it’s hers, but leaves things in a puddle or throws them away when they’re yours. That’s a teenager for ya. LOL

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