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Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything down over here, I know. I’m a terrible blogger. But! I’ve been working on another website. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Why the heck are you starting another website when you can’t even bother to update the one you have already?”

Well that, my friends, is a good question. Allow me to take a moment to explain.

I make jewelry. Mostly earrings, some necklaces and a few bracelets. I’ve have some success with selling them out in the real world. I posted some pictures of the earrings I made over on Twitter last week, and someone actually bought 2 pairs! In fact, she received them yesterday and seemed to be pleased.

I’ve had friends tell me I should sell my pieces, but I’ve never had the confidence necessary to put myself out there that way. Well thanks to Jen S. and her enthusiasm, I’ve decided to just jump in with  both legs and start selling my jewelry. She gave me that final push I needed to know that it isn’t just my “real life” friends that like what I make, but there are other people out there interested as well!

Anyhow, the store isn’t quite ready to show off yet, but I’m hoping it’ll be ready to go this weekend. Whenever it’s “open” I’ll be back with a link.

But for now, just know that I’ve been a busy bee. I really can’t wait to show you all of my hard work!

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  1. Yeah!!!! I can’t wait to see it Jen!! I’m so glad you decided to do this I really really think your gonna do great. Love you

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