I was chatting with a group of friends this morning, and we were talking about various hazards for each of our locations. Being in SoCal, we’re under constant threat of “The Big One.” Yes, earthquakes. Many people I talk with say they don’t think they could handle living someplace where the earth shakes beneath their feet. I just say that in my area, we haven’t had a really good shaker since January 1994. We’ve have a few small to moderate shakers since then, but I could probably count on 1 hand the number of memorable earthquakes we’ve had since then.

I say I don’t want to live where there’s a good chance your house will get picked up and moved to another location every year. Or just blown apart by wind and pounding rain. I mean there are people that call tornado alley home. Craziness! They call it that because there’s GOING to be tornados. Where as here, there might be an earthquake, you might feel it too. Then again you might not.

Anyhow, I’ve digressed. I was telling these friends that during the last decent earthquake we had, while my kids were diving under tables and getting in doorways, I stood up from my desk chair and prepared myself to catch any falling shot glasses.

Shot glasses are the only honest to goodness collection I have. So I snapped a picture and though it might be interesting to show you the collection. I’ve numbered each glass and will take you on a tour of where I’ve been.

Here’s what it looks like in all its glory.


And now for the detail:


Top Row

  1. Blank square glass from the many buttery nipples I had at my bachelorette party
  2. crazy shotglass with recipes from a gf given to me at my bachelorette party
  3. Ensenada Mexico
  4. Ensenada Mexico
  5. Batman (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  6. Wonder Woman (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  7. Superman (Six Flags Magic Mountain) I had a season pass there years ago.
  8. US Marine Crorps. This glass is awesome and if you want a slose up, just leave a comment. No I was never in the Marine Corp and technically displaying this glass violates my rules for displaying them. However, my sis-in-law is a former Marine, and my daddy was a Marine. Semper Fi!
  9. The Ice House in Pasadena, CA. Got this one when we were celebrating a birthday.
  10. Hard Rock Cafe, LA.
  11. Dave and Busters 1
  12. Dave and Busters 2 – My birthday shot
  13. Dave and Busters 3
  14. Florida. This one is a little iffy, it borders on violating my rules. I’ve been to Florida, but it was before I started collecting the glasses. A family member went and he brought me a Florida glass. I figured I’ve been there, it’s totally acceptable to go up on the shelf.
  15. Seligman, AZ
  16. Laughlin, AZ
  17. The Grand Canyon,, AZ
  18. Tortilla Jo’s, my favorite place to have cocktails with friends.
  19. Boston, MA (Jason’s glass. He’s lucky I gave him space on my shelf)
  20. Planet Hollywood, San Francisco (Also Jason’s.)
  • Bonus 1 The Wicked Queen from Snow White figurine
  • Bonus 2 Malificent from Sleeping Beauty figurine.


Bottom Row

21  Plain glass from When I stayed with friends in Vegas rather than a hotel
22   Gameworks, Vegas
23  Monte Carlo Hotel, LV
24  Luxor Hotel, LV
25  The Orleans, LV
26  Rio Hotel, LV
27  Star Trek Experience, LV Hilton, LV
28  Mandalay Bay, LV
29  Tropicana Hotel, LV
30  Vive Cuervo glass from Gameworks, LV
31  Imperial Palace Hotel, LV We stayed here 1 night, but I won a $1000+ Jackpot at this hotel on our first night in Vegas for this trip. It was CRAZY awesome.
32  Mammoth, CA
33  Mammoth, CA
34  Disney’s California Adventure
35  Disneyland 50th Anniversary glass
36  Disneyland,CA
37  Knotts Berry Farm, CA
38  Hollywood, CA Walk Of Fame glass
39  San Diego, CA
40  San Francisco 1
41  San Francisco 2
42  San Francisco 3
43  Ontario, CA (Got this one at the podcast expo a few years ago. I had such a great time and wanted a memento to remember it all)
44  Lake Arrowhead, CA (Went there for the 4th of July a few years back) Ack 44 is actually the bear on the side of the glass so my numbering is messed up a bit.
45/46   Two little Feigling bottles from Oktoberfest a few years back. It’s this goofy fizzy fig shot and it’s not good!

So there you have it. If there are any that you’d like to see in detail, Let me know and I’ll go ahead and smap a picture of it.

I’ll explain the rules. My rule is if I haven’t been there, it doesn’t go on the shelf. I’ve received shot glasses from people, and rather than display those, I put those to work.  None of my shotglasses are used for actual, you know, shots. They’re purely decorative.

What about you? What items do you collect? Do you have any rules that go along with the collection?

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