Another Day In My Life

It’s time for another installment in A Day In My Life.

I documented Sunday, September 13. I also took pictures more sparingly this time around. I usually have something like 70+ pictures to tell the complete story of my day. This time I tell the story in 32 pictures. Hope you enjoy taking a peek into what a weekend day looks like for a SAHM.

I start my day off like any other


And of course it’s internet time while I drink my coffee and try to wake up in general


Since the house is still quiet, I get out my girlfriends die cutter and work on cutting out silver stars for some centerpieces I need to have done in a month


When I’m finished with that, I sit down to read the little newsletter that’s all about improvements and new things around Whittier


Since no one is awake yet, I get dressed and go to Target. This picture is a little funky. I’m not sure why it looks like the store is slanting since it’s not. I’ll just call it “artistic”


On my way home, it takes an act of sheer will to not stop off at this place for breakfast


I get back home and realize the kitchen is a complete disaster and so I start to clean it up


A few minutes into the process, I hear a little voice behind me saying “Mama I’m hungry.”


After getting Jess a bowl of cereal, I get back to the business of defunkifying my kitchen. But wait, what are those thinks in the corner there?


It’s breakfast for the rest of the family!


Once the family is fed and happy, I go to my grandma’s house for a little bit


On my way home, I make a stop at JoAnn’s to see what’s new


While I”m walking in, my girlfriend calls to tell me she has some yummy stuff from her work for us


After she left, I “turned on” the Dallas game. My stupid cable provider wasn’t airing the game so I was stuck with




Heck yeah!


Dallas wins!


I started hearing a noise upstairs, so I went to investigate. I found Jess playing with daddy. But that’s not the noise I was hearing


There we go! I was hearing my bed calling to me, telling me to come take a nap. So I did


When I woke up, I was hungry so I made a HUGE salad. Romaine lettuce, a ton of broccoli slaw and cilantro dressing


I sat down to eat my salad and got stuck watching Christian play Call of Duty


Then it was time to pile into the car and head out for an hour trip to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday


We arrived at our destination a bit early and helped set up for the birthday party


The cake is a lie. It is. His birthday wasn’t until the next day


The birthday boy and his wife


My son gets a little nuts with the birthday hats


We devoured pizza


Present time, present time, open the present, see what’s inside!


The cake, the cake, the cake is on fire!


We headed back home


Jason and I chit chat for a bit while he uploads pictures


And I pass out.


The End

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