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With money being tight for many people this year, we are all looking for ways to save on Holiday gifts without giving up the thoughtfulness that comes along with gift giving. We want to give our loved ones something they’ll want, use and appreciate. One of the best ways to do this is to make them something.

I’ll admit there are people on my list I’d never make a gift for. Not everyone on my list would appreciate something made by me. My own kids would be really disappointed if I made them something. So for them, I stick to store bought, and I think that’s ok.

However there are plenty of people that seem to like it when I make them something. Not everything I give has been warmly received, but I’ve learned that the trick is to make them something they’ll like; not something you want them to like. Don’t spend days learning how to knit your sister a scarf if she lives in Hawaii. Don’t decoupage a wooden jewelry box for your mom if she already has a favorite box to store her jewels in. Think about the recipient and tailor the gift to that person.

If you’re not the crafty type, don’t let that stop you. Let this be the year you delve into handmade. Do you need some ideas? Well over at Just A Girl, she’s hosting an “I Can Make That” party today. As of this very moment there are 78 links to various blogs featuring hand made gifts with tutorials. Go on over there, and check out the amazing projects. There are projects for beginners all the way up to experienced crafters. Take charge of your budget and make something!

Just go ahead and click the picture or click right here to get to the post and get started today!

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