What The @#&%???


Apparently my kids are not perfect angels. Who knew???

Yesterday the landlord stopped me to tell me a neighbor has pointed my son out to her as a potty mouth. I guess when he’s playing outside away from my ears, he curses like a drunken sailor. He doesn’t bother to look around and see who he might be offending (including his little sister) but just lets it fly.

I’m NOT ok with that. We don’t cuss at our kids. We don’t use the really heavy hitting swear words around them very often. Sure, there are times some words get out, but we never drop the F-bomb.

I understand that kids start to flex their bad-word vocab when they’re in Jr. High and even before. I guess it makes them feel grown up and mature when they use that kind of language. It’s been a reoccurring topic around our home for the past few days as well. I try to make the older kids realize that adults don’t look at teens cussing and think, “Wow, they’re so mature!” More often than not, I look at the teens that are cussing with annoyance, and I get really ticked when they’re doing so loudly with no concern for others around them.

Anyhow, back to my son. He’s out there with little kids all around then doesn’t think twice about the words he’s using.

Then there’s my oldest daughter. She’s been caught trying to make her little sister say all sorts of bad words. The little one usually tells her straight out NO! That’s a bad word!

I remember back when I decided I’d be cool if I used those words, and to be honest, I still use them. I just try to be considerate and don’t cuss around people that are offended by it. My kids need to learn the same lesson as well. Have a little respect for those around you!

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