December Haiku

Haiku about the winter soltice

Winter in SoCal ~ You never know what you’ll get ~ I’m hoping for rain.

My favorite season ~ The shortest day of the year ~ I just love winter.


Haiku about Christmas

Christmas is this week ~ Have you finished your shopping? ~ No? Neither have I.

Christmas with family ~ Loud, rambunctious, and crazy. ~ Wouldn’t change a thing.

The family gathers ~ Christmas carols and guitar ~ Wait for the “Noel”


On the coming new year

Two thousand sixteen ~ Starting the year in style ~ Surrounded by friends.

First day of the year ~ Going on a treasure hunt ~ It’s a tradition.


So what does it all mean? Allow me to expand  a bit. Today is the first day of winter which happens to be my favorite season. The rain that came in last night is just easing up, but there *should* be plenty more coming in the weeks ahead thanks to the predicted El Niño.

Christmas shopping isn’t done. I thought I only had 2 more gifts to buy, but then I remember 2 more. Story of my life, man. Christmas for my family lasts 3 days. It begins on Christmas Eve, Eve and runs through Christmas night. The second most, shall we say, energetic get together is Christmas Eve with everyone. It gets loud. It gets crazy. After overeating tamales, rice and beans, but before opening gifts, we gather around, sing carols and read the Christmas story of the birth of Christ. As for Noel, everyone quietly sings the song until the chorus then it’s NOOOOEEEELLLL NOOOEEEELLLLL… Christmas Eve’s crazy can only be topped on Christmas night when the Apples to Apples game comes out and the three “boys” that aren’t actually boys anymore, but men, do their best to out-loud one another.

Lastly, New Year’s Day begins with a ridiculously delicious meal with as many friends as I can manage. This year I might have gone a bit overboard on the invitations. I only say that because we live in a small place. I don’t have any idea where everyone is going to put themselves. We’re going to be packed in here tight, but I really, really want my home to be filled with friends and love. After breakfast is destroyed, a smaller group of us will be going on our annual Letterboxing adventure. If you want to know what that is, click here to read a little bit about it.

2016 will bring many changes in our lives. My youngest will start middle school, my middle is moving overseas for a few years, and who knows what the future holds for my oldest. Who knows what the future holds for any of us. I’ve been most blessed this year with dear friends that I hope will last a lifetime and aren’t just here for a season.

So there you have it. I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2016.


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