The Friday Five – Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness


This week we visit my nemesis, housework.

Unfortunately, being a stay at home mom, the brunt of the housework falls squarely on my shoulders.

  1. What housekeeping chore(s) do you hate doing the most?
  2. Are there any that you like or don’t mind doing?
  3. Do you have a routine throughout the week or just clean as it’s needed?
  4. Do you have any odd cleaning/housekeeping quirks or rules?
  5. What was the last thing you cleaned?


1) What housekeeping chore(s) do you hate doing the most? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say  it again. Doing the dishes. Our apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher so everything has to be done by hand. Because of that, getting the motivation to keep up with it and make sure it’s done in a timely manner doesn’t always happen. I’d like to say they’re done every night and I wake up to a clean kitchen. That’s just not the reality though.

2) Are there any that you like or don’t mind doing? Hmmm. I can’t really think of any that I *like* doing. I like the results of every chore, but actually doing them? I don’t mind folding clothes. Oh, I guess I like cooking dinner. But that doesn’t seem like a “chore” to me.

3) Do you have a routine throughout the week, or just clean as it’s needed? I honestly wish I had a schedule. I’ve tried to impliment one, but it never worked out. I’ve tried the Flylady program, but I’ve never really stuck with it. I also wish I could say I clean as it’s needed, but sometimes it goes beyond that. Sometimes, I clean after it’s been needed for days and I can no longer stand it anymore.

4) Do you have any odd cleaning/housekeeping quirks or rules? I’m not even sure what this could mean. I suppose that would make my answer no.

5) What is the last thing you cleaned? I gave the coffee table a good scrub down.

That brings me to a question of my own. In your own household, how are the chores divided? Do you share the workload with your spouse/kids/whoever else lives there? Are they equally divided? If not, what’s the reason for that? Here’s what it’s like at our house:


  • laundry
  • dishes
  • cooking
  • straightening up
  • vacuuming
  • dusting
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • mopping
  • grocery shopping
  • gift buying
  • schedule keeper
  • taking out the trash

And pretty much anything else that doesn’t include the following


  • Earning an income
  • Paying the bills
  • Putting away his own clean clothes


  • Putting away her own clean clothes
  • Keeping her room clean (hahahaha, yeah right)
  • Keeping her bathroom items in check (again, hahaha)
  • spending as much time on MySpace as possible, oh wait, that’s not a chore, but she works it like crazy. Trying to get that girl to do chores… Well I just don’t want to get into that conversation right now.


She’s actually a pretty good little helper. she wants to be involved in pretty much everything except the vacuuming. But she helps me put away her clean laundry, she’ll “help” wash dishes, she loves to “help” me cook. You name it, she’s willing to give a little hand whenever possible. Well most of the time anyway.

And Christian:

Well, since he doesn’t live here anymore, He really only needs to keep track of his stuff when he is here. He also helps me clean up the living room from time to time.

Well there you have it. A thrilling look into the inner workings of the Tucker Household. Thrilling isn’t it?

Now it’s your turn. Either comment here or copy the questions onto your blog, online journal, or create a facebook note and link back so I can read your responses.

The Friday Five – Adjectives


Since I’m in a fairly dark frame of mind right now, I didn’t want to get too deep with this week’s Friday Five.

So it’s all about describing where you live. This can be your state, city/town, or actual living space. If you play along, please try and keep to one word answers. Feel free to put (state) (city/town) or (living space) after each answer so we know what you’re specifically describing.

Where I Live – Whittier, CA (SoCal)

  1. Sunny (State)
  2. Expensive (State)
  3. Suburban (City)
  4. Small (Living Space)
  5. Loud (Living Space)

The Friday 5 – The Holiday Edition


Christmas Eve 2005

Jessalyn at 4 months

Today I bring you the Friday 5 plus 3.  So I guess that would make this the Friday 8, for 1 week only!

1) What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

There’s no simple answer to this since I have a few. The first tradition begins on the first Saturday in December when I get together with the family to prepare our Christmas Eve tamales. Another is getting together with said family on Christmas Eve, scarfing down a boatload of delicious tamales and then the goofy Christmas carol sing along just before we pass out the Christmas gifts, and then of course the gift opening. Another favorite tradition is watching the move White Christmas from 1954. I just love that movie. And another event that is looking to become a tradition is just before Christmas, my girlfriend Kelly comes over and we make food gifts together. Oh and for the second year running, driving out to a neighborhood that really does up their Christmas lights. So fun!

2) A favorite cookie recipe?

Really you can’t go wrong with the Nestle Toll House cookie recipe. A classic and so yummy!

3) Share a story behind a special ornament on your tree.

At least 3/4 of the ornaments on the tree (and still packed away because they didn’t fit) are special. None of them really have a good story that goes with it. But there are a lot of ornaments I used to get every year as a gift from my grandmother. And now, my tree is full of ornaments I’ve been collecting for my 3 children over the years. They’re all special to me because each ornament for my kids represent that year. Most of them have pictures of them so I get to look at them year after year and see how much they’ve grown. If the ornament doesn’t have a picture, I went out of my way to get something that related to the year. One year Caitlin was really into Hello Kitty, so I got her a Hello Kitty ornament. Chris was into Toy Story so he goot a Woody ornament. Jess loves Tigger and so, well you get it.

4) All you want from Santa is….?

A KitchenAid mixer!

5) What’s your favorite Christmas movie and why?

White Christmas without a doubt. Bing Crosby’s voice is amazing, Danny Kaye is hilarious, The music is beautiful, the choreography is incredible, the sets are quaint, the story is sweet. That movie never fails to make my eyes water. I ALWAYS get a tear in my eye at the end when the General walks in and there they are, his regiment from the Army. Oh man, it’s so great. I just LOVE this movie!!!

6) Are you dong anything special for the holidays this year?

No more special than every other year. But it’s all special to me.

7) What’s the best toy you ever got when you were a kid?

I’d have to say it was the year I asked for Barbie clothes. By the time I was finished unwrapping everything, I think I had every outfit on the market for Barbie at the time.

8 ) Why is Christmas special to you?

I love gifting people. There’s just something wonderful about taking a few moments to think about each person on your list, and thoughtfully pick out something they’ll hopefully enjoy. It’s the perfect time to express gratitude for being your friend, family member, spouse, child… And it’s a time when everyone can sit around and share stories and make memories together.

I know not everyone reading this celebrates Christmas, but in our family we do. So I’m going to wish  you a Merry Christmas as well as Happy Holidays!

The Friday 5


  1. What did you last replace batteries for?

    A Flip Camera

  2. What have you thrown away that you probably could have had repaired?
  3. This one is a lot harder than I expected it to be. The answer is probably a shirt that I threw out because the seems on the side and come apart. Now in all honesty, this was before I got my sewing machine, and before I knew I was getting one. So the prospect of hand sewing it didn’t really work for me.

  4. Among items in your line of sight right now, what should probably be put in the trash?
  5. A credit for Snapfish that I’ve already loaded into my account. A box that the replacement cable modem came in and has been sitting on the floor next to my desk for over a month. An potato chip bag that’s empty after Jessalyn polished them off. Some Taco Bell napkins, unused. A dried out marker. Gee whiz, I need to clean up around here!

  6. When did you last use disposable cutlery while dining in your house?
  7. Easy! Friday, October 10. We had 5 extra people here for dinner in honor of my son’s 12th birthday and so we used paper plates and platic utencils to eat dinner with that night.

  8. Whose actions cause you to waste time you otherwise wouldn’t waste?
  9. I’m looking at you my fellow Skype chatters! Actually I have no one to blame but myself. I’m the one with the power to get up and walk away from my computer and get busy with other things. Skype chatting is the biggest timesuck I find myself not walking away from.

    Unfortunately I have no interesting stories to go along with today’s Friday 5. I actally have quite a bit to do around here today. Tomorrow is my oldest daugher’s 14th birthday. (Hold me) She’s having some friends over for the night and I really need to clean up this place before I go pick her up from school this afternoon. So I’m leaving the blog now, but will probably just close this window and open up the skype chat so I can get sucked into that and waste more of the day away.

The return of the Friday 5

In an effort to inspire some friends to blog more, I thought it would be fun to bring back some old questions from the Friday 5 that used to be popular on LiveJournal.

  1. Would you consider yourself an organized person? Why or why not?
  2. This is a tough one. I do consider myself to be organized, however if you walked into my abode, you might be tempted to call BS. But, the truth is, I know where most of our “stuff” is. Most of it has a permanent home and I know right where it is. Now does everything end up in its home in a timely manner? Not so much.

  3. Do you keep some type of planner, organizer, calendar, etc. with you, and do you use it regularly?
  4. I have a wall calendar that I use much to Jason’s chagrin. I’m not sure if I’ll be getting a 2009 calendar because I’ve been making an honest effort to use iCal more since that’s what Jason looks at to see what’s going on with the family. My problem is remembering to actually look at iCal.

  5. Would you say that your desk is organized right now?
  6. Well, on my desk right this moment you will find a cup of tea I’m still drinking, seam ripper, a wooden play cookie, 2 pens, my coveted nail polish, nail clippers shaped like an alligator. Of course there is also my keyboard, speakers, mouse, mouse pad and monitor. So there are items that don’t belong here, but there’s no stack of paper clutter, nor is it covered with piles of junk.

  7. Do you alphabetize CD’s, books, and DVD’s, or does it not matter?
  8. Dvd’s are arranged as follows: Kid friendly movies on the bottom row, and everything else on the top. xbox games are also on the bottom row. Books? I don’t really keep a lot of books, but the ones I do have are arranged by subject matter. Music is all in iTunes and therefore arranged alphabetically by artist.

  9. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to organize?
  10. My answer hasn’t changed since the last time I answered this years ago. It was the stockroom for the men’s department at the major department store I worked at. You wouldn’t believe the horrors I found in there. The nerve of some people when bringing a return or exchange hit home as I was going through the stock room. I found stacks of items dating so far back that I didn’t even know where to find its current value. And then there was the most evil paper bag in the history of paper bags.

    Way up on a shelf above everyone’s head was a paperbag with a mystery item. No one had a clue what was in it and there was a thick layer of dust on it. Since it was up to me to get that room in tip top shape, I decided to just open the bag and see what the heck it was. If you don’t want to know, I suggest you just go away now. It’s ok, I understand.

    There was a pair of jersey weight sweatpants. Gray… and brown. Only there wasn’t supposed to be brown on the pants. Someone had an accident of the, um, to put this delicately, runny variety. And then it was shoved in a bag and put into the stockroom for all of eternity. I have no idea if this was a return or someone in the store shopping was wearing the pants when it happened and swiped a new pair. I just don’t have any idea how they ended up in there, and I don’t want to know. This wasn’t in the kids department, these were full sized man pants. Also, it wasn’t an employee, at least one that was working when it happened because we weren’t allowed to wear sweatpants while working.

    Now we had a policy that every single thing had to be accounted for and once these pants had been discovered I couldn’t just toss them. I had to figure out their “value” and then damage them out. Of course they had absolutely zero value to anyone sane, but for inventory purposes, they had to be accounted for. In the end, I assigned a ticket to the item, and then promptly damaged it out and chucked the bag into the huge dumpster. Horrible.

    So yes, that stockroom was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to organize.

    You know, I mentioned the nerve of some people with their returns. I was the only one working in the Men’s Sportswear department when an older man came in with a stack of about 5 pants. He thew the stack on the counter and said he wanted an exchange. There was no receipt of course. And upon inspecting the stack of pants, his motives were clear. They were old, and he wanted new pants without having to actually PAY for them. They were out of style and I said I’m sorry, but I can’t give you an exchange for these. He became irate and I called my manager who was upstairs at the time. I explained the situation to him and the guy was getting louder and louder. They just wanted the man out of the store so I was instructed to make an even exchange. The customer needed to leave happy.

    The man came in with pants over a decade old, and left with brand new pants. Unbelievable.

    A few weeks later as I was working the floor, I saw him approaching the door with another stack of old pants. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one working at the time, so I made a run for it to the stockroom. I wasn’t going to be nice if I had to deal with him again. And like before, he got brand new pants, but this time was escorted out by loss prevention with a stern suggestion that he never return again.

    Would it surprise you if I told you the department store went bankrupt and closed the doors in 1995? No? Me neither with policies like that.