2017 – A Year to Remember

I’m reflecting back on 2017 as we humans are prone to do at the end of the year. Overall, there was a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, but when I get down to it, it was a pretty good year personally. So in order to have a record of the goodness 2017 had to offer, I’m going to go ahead and write it down.

January: My husband started a new job at a place that he loves. We also had a one night getaway aboard the Queen Mary for his birthday.


February: Ah the school musical. After months and months of planning, shopping, creating props, rehearsals, and more, it all came together and we put on our last musical ever at Leffingwell Elementary. Pretty sure it was the best one ever.


March: Jessalyn was initiated into the Rainbow Girls Buena Park Assembly. It’s been really good for her. She’s made some good friends and great memories.


April: We managed to pull off a surprise birthday girls evening at Downtown Disney for a very dear friend. What a wonderful time spent showering someone so special with love and margaritas! (picture is of said friend, not the party because apparently I was having too good of a time to take pictures and put them where I can get to them easily)


May: We got to spend another weekend at the KOA in San Diego with friends. Our KOA weekends are truly one of my favorite getaways.


June: I had the privilege of volunteering at WordCamp OC and had a great time doing it.


July: July is always a fun month. We’re on summer break, we spend a lot of time at Soak City,  and there’s the annual 4th of July bbq and swim party. This year was extra because we had “boots in the house” as they say. My son came home from Okinawa and got to spend some time here before heading back east for training.


August: Jessalyn turned 12. Man, time sure is flying by.


September: Jason and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We also got to run away to San Jose and see 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse in concert. We’ve seen them before, but never together. We’ve also seen both bands 3 times now. A week later, the three of us went down to San Diego and saw U2 play The Joshua Tree. We had a surprise airport layover with Christian. We got to meet him there and take him to In N Out before he boarded a plane bound for a far off land. And lastly, we started a monthly dinner and game night with my mom, oldest daughter and her boyfriend, and our family. Super fun.


October: October is always a fun month. Aside from 3 family birthday’s, there’s Halloween, which if I’m bring honest is my favorite holiday. We Trunk-Or-Treated, and Jess Trick-Or-Treated while wearing my old uniform from when I was in tall flags in high school.


November: We kicked off the month with a showing of Thor: Ragnarok. Thor is my favorite. We attended the annual extended family Thanksgiving dinner and then celebrated on the actual holiday with my family and bestie Christie and her family. What’s not to love? Oh, and Jess got to take her first airplane ride to Nashville for WordCamp US with her dad, which actually started in November but the bulk of the trip was December. Speaking of December…


December: That brings us to now. We’re currently on Christmas break, we just made it through all of the Christmas gatherings, presents were given and received, and now I’m preparing for our annual New Year’s breakfast in 2 days. This is my absolute favorite way to kick off a new year. Many of my favorite people gather in our home and we share a ridiculously delicious breakfast followed by a letterboxing adventure. Then whoever is still with us will have dinner here. It really doesn’t get better than that.

Anyhow, if you’ve made it this far, thank you. While the above in no way captures the entire year’s events, it’s a small snippet, a reminder that 2017 was a pretty good year for the Tucker family.

I’d like to wish you blessings beyond your wildest imagination for 2018. I wish you more ups than downs. I wish you peace, love, happiness, luck, grace, mercy, and more.

Happy New Year!



What brings you joy?

Here are a few things that bring joy to my life. In no particular order:

  • Early mornings before everyone wakes up. The house is nice and quiet while I enjoy my morning coffee.
  • Christmas Shopping. I love picking out gifts for people.
  • Wrapping my little one up in a towel and carrying her downstairs after a bath.
  • Empty plates after dinner has been consumed.
  • A good sandwich.
  • Penguins
  • Disneyland
  • Spending time with my husband or my friends.
  • A full fridge and full cupboards
  • Making tamales with my (“ex”tended) family
  • Eating one tamale from the first dozen tamales we make. There’s nothing like a fresh tamale.
  • Playing Apples to Apples with the Wright boys.
  • My grandmother’s apple cake recipe.
  • Target and the chance to win a $300 gift card to my absolutely favorite store EVER thanks to Barking Mad

Christmas Wishes


Here we are again. It’s that time of year where we struggle to find the perfect gift for the kids. I have a large whiteboard that holds my grocery list and any notes that need to be remembered. It’s also an art board for the kids. When people come to visit, half the time they leave little messages on it as well.

This time of year it becomes the place the kids write their wish list.

Here it is:


What’s that? You can’t read it? Well here, let me help you.

Christmas Wishes

What do you think? Too passive aggressive? A mom’s allowed to wish for things too right? And hey, it won’t even cost the kids any money to fulfill my wishes!

Beautiful Day

I love the 4th of July. It’s my 3rd favorite holiday, right behind Halloween and Christmas. The funny thing is Jason and I rarely do much for it. Another thing is we just never know what the weather will be like. Some years it’s cold, others blazing hot. This year the weather was darn near perfect. It was in the mid to upper 80’s and had been for a few days. That gave the pool time to warm up, and what better way to celebrate than with a BBQ and a pool party?

Instead of writing all about it, I figured I’d show you snippets of our day. Hope you enjoy the pictures.










Can’t wait to do it again next year!