31 Little Things – 27 and 28

I love this fabric so much.

You’re looking at a dress I made for Jess last year. I had to replace the strap on it because the one on there was cutting into her neck. But really this is just about the cute cherries. Pardon the wrinkles.

And this is the dress that I made for Jess a few weeks ago and was having difficulty with because of the straps. I finally got it all worked out and here she is wearing it.

I told her to show off the dress and she stuck out her belly. Silly girl. If you look closely at the first picture, you’ll see the black and white polka dot fabric. That’s what I used to make straps for both dresses. Jess now has 2 very cute summer dresses that she can wear without the strap cutting into her neck or falling off her shoulders.

31 Little Things – 26

While driving on the main Blvd. that goes through our city, we often pass a place called Tong’s Tropical Fish. Jessalyn has been asking me over and over if we could go in and look at the fish. So on Friday, we did just that. It’s a very interesting store with a lot of fish Jess has never seen before. She was especially excited by the turtles.

The first time we passed the turtle tank, there was a turtle just chillin on the back of another one.

After walking the next aisle, Jess wanted to see them again. This time around, another turtle had joined the party.

We finished looking at all of the fish and she wanted to take one more pass by the turtles on our way out. Lo and behold, another turtle decided to join the party.

Not 5 seconds after snapping this picture, the two turtles on the right slid off and plopped into the water. Jess and I had a good laugh at that and watched as they started climbing back up onto the log and each other.

It was a fun little field trip and I’m glad I finally stopped by there so she could see the fish and the turtles.

31 Little Things – 16

When Jess falls asleep during the day, she falls hard. Yesterday I was on the phone with my grandma for a while, and when I came downstairs again, this is what I saw.

I begged her earlier in the day to take a nap so I could take one too. I was just so tired yesterday. She refused to even entertain the idea stating she was NOT tired. Not tired? I should have just forced her to lay down with me. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so cranky last night if I had.

Either way, her sleeping position made me smile, it’s just so odd.