31 Little Things – 25

Yesterday, I was on my way with Jess to the library for reading and PAL time. Just as I was passing a parked car on my street, a flash of color caught my eye. I backed up and took another look. Jess wanted to see so I made a quick u-turn and parked across the street so she could see from her window. I hopped out of the car and crept across the street very low and very slow. So what did I see?

This little parrot was just chillin in the road next to the parked car.

I wasn’t sure it could even fly, but after I snapped this picture, I tried to get a little closer and it flew off.

31 Little Things – 20 and 21

31 Little Things – The weekend edition

I saw this crossword puzzle book while checking out the dollar section at Target. For some reason the picture on the cover makes me laugh.

And then yesterday while we were on our way back from the baby shower, We stopped at the Buddhist temple so Caitlin could take a picture with the HUGE Buddha out front. We didn’t mean any disrespect when taking this picture. We just really like this beautiful, pristine Buddha statue.

31 Little Things – 12

If you look at my picture for today, and think about it, there’s a good chance you’ll figure out exactly what this will become. I mean besides 3 plates and a little tea set. Stay tuned because it will be making its transformation over the next 24 to 48 hours.


Coming soon: The after