A Day In My Life

Over on LiveJournal you will find a community called A Day In My Life.  I really love this community. You see some of the most interesting people doing the most interesting things. However, over the years as the community grew, they had to crack down with the posting rules. Rather than follow strict guidelines, possibly messing it up and thus getting my post deleted, I decided I’d skip LJ all together, and just post my day here, on my own site. TAKE THAT LJ!

What you are about to see is my day, March 18 from about 45 minutes after I woke up and remembered I’d been wanting to do this, through the time I went to bed. Sort of. I ended up staying awake chatting with the husband for another 30 or so minutes after the last photo.

Are you ready? Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, tea, a soda or whatever because there are 71 pictures ahead! Captions are UNDER each picture.


First things first. Let’s establish the start time. This was about 45 minutes after I woke up.

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