A well-known blogger just posted a link to a story she wrote when she first started blogging. She told a story about going to a restaurant in LA when she was a student at a well known college in LA. A famous actor there and she approached him for an autograph. He asked for her address and said he’d send her a “fan kit” instead. There were several people that commented on the post about how rude he was, presumably for not giving her an autograph.

There’s more to the story, but this is what I want to talk about. Was is rude of him to not give her an autograph? He was at a restaurant, trying to enjoy a meal out. In the blogger’s defense, she didn’t push him and beg for an autograph.

I don’t think he was being rude. I’ve only seen 1 “celebrity” in the “wild.” I use quotes because while he’s technically a celebrity, he’s also kind of icky. He’s well-known simply for his cheesy romance novel covers and also getting hit in the face by a goose while on a roller coaster. For the most part, I don’t go where celebs hang out. The exception to that is Disneyland. A ton of celebrities go there, but I haven’t seen one yet. Not even when they’re at the park the same day I’m there.

I can tell you that if my favorite actor was there, there’s no way I’d ever approach for an autograph. If they’re someplace trying to relax, enjoy a meal, spend the day with family or whatever, then why would I think it’s ok to intrude and ask for their signature. Wouldn’t I be the rude one for intruding on their time?

What do you think? Do you think it’s perfectly ok to interrupt someone’s dinner to ask for an autograph?

If you totally ok with approaching them, but they brush you off, do you think they’re being rude?

I’m not faulting the blogger for approaching and requesting. I understand a lot of people do this. I’m just tripping on the comments saying he’s rude for offering a fan kit instead of an autograph right then and there. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that he was pretty decent to offer it. He could have simply pulled a James Cameron and gone off on the poor young thing.

So what do you all think about the subject?