Jessalyn at (almost) 4 years old


I took my “baby” girl to the Dr. yesterday for a well check. Due to the craziness of Jason losing his job just before her birthday last year, we never made her 3 year well check appointment. Since I had been trying to get her into a specific preschool program (which I’m not really going to discuss here), I knew she needed to have a physical.

I’ve suspected she’s on the tall side, but since the kids her age that she plays with here are short for their ages, I wasn’t sure how she compared. Then when I took her to the preschool playdate, I noticed she was one of the tallest kids in the classroom.

Yesterday, I found out where she fits in the curve.

She’s 41 3/4″ tall
She’s 40 lbs.
She turns 4 on August 25.

Dr. M. said she’s in the 90th percentile for height and weight. That means she’s taller than 90% of kids her age. Dr. M.  plays this little guessing game giving you a general idea of how tall your child is going to be. He said from the get-go that she’ll probably be 5’7″ plus a little. Something like 5’7.75 ” I thought this was impossible because for the first few years of her life, she was in something like the 5th percentile. She was small. She was always a year behind on clothing sizes. All of a sudden, she turned 3, wore 3T clothes for a few months before quickly outgrowing them and going into a 4T. The 4T pants are getting too short for her too. So yesterday he looked over her chart and said she was on track to hit that 5’7″ prediction.

My oldest daughter is 14 and she’s 5’4″ (and all leg.) She has another 3/4″ until she’s as tall as me. Won’t be long until she’s looking down at me.

My son, well he’s still short. One of the shortest boys in his class, but he’s not even 13 yet. I have no doubt that he’ll be passing me up in no time at all. I get to be the family shorty. The funny thing is I’m average. I’m not particularly short. Being surrounded by all these tall people is going to b e a serious blow to my ego. I’m sure they’ll make fun of me the way my 6’3″ husband does.

“My Heroes”

My 5th grader, Christian, had a writing assignment for his class recently called My Hero.

He was to write a letter to his hero explaining why they attained hero status. Here is my son’s assignment:

Dear Mom and Dad,

You are my heroes because you have the courage and strength to stand up to me and take care of me. You also work hard to feed me and buy video games and clothes every day. When I watch you I think about what I have waiting for me in the future. You make in impact on my life because I wouldn’t know half the stuff I know right now. That is why you are my heroes.


While we don’t buy him clothes every day, and he didn’t exactly explain some of his thought thoroughly, it was a terrific surprise to know his parents are his heroes. He could have easily picked some sports figure, actor, musician, cartoon character/superhero. He didn’t, he chose his parents.

So Christian, I want you to know I’m very proud of you. We may not always get along, but that’s how it goes between parents and kids. Your stepfather, bio father, stepmother and I are all extremely lucky to have you as a son and we love you so very much.