31 Little Things – 26

While driving on the main Blvd. that goes through our city, we often pass a place called Tong’s Tropical Fish. Jessalyn has been asking me over and over if we could go in and look at the fish. So on Friday, we did just that. It’s a very interesting store with a lot of fish Jess has never seen before. She was especially excited by the turtles.

The first time we passed the turtle tank, there was a turtle just chillin on the back of another one.

After walking the next aisle, Jess wanted to see them again. This time around, another turtle had joined the party.

We finished looking at all of the fish and she wanted to take one more pass by the turtles on our way out. Lo and behold, another turtle decided to join the party.

Not 5 seconds after snapping this picture, the two turtles on the right slid off and plopped into the water. Jess and I had a good laugh at that and watched as they started climbing back up onto the log and each other.

It was a fun little field trip and I’m glad I finally stopped by there so she could see the fish and the turtles.