The Year of Nurturing Pt. 2



In my previous post, I discussed how I plan to nurture my relationship with God.

The next area I want to spend energy nurturing is my marriage.


While my husband hasn’t actually completed the test to determine which is his particular “love language,” I feel pretty confident in saying his #1 would be “Physical Touch.” Me? Not so much and I tend to pull away from physical touch a lot of the time. Touch just isn’t that important to me. Mine is “Words of Affirmation.” I want people to acknowledge when I’ve done something well. However, I need to remind myself that it’s ok to be physically close to my husband any time, and that it’s totally normal to want to physically touch someone. It’s also ok if he wants to just wrap his arm around me or lay a hand on my back as I drift off to sleep.

I also want to work on being a really great wife. I have my moments where I rock at being an awesome wife. But most of the time I feel like I just get by on the minimum. Our marriage is incredibly important to me and I’d hate to lose it because we end up not knowing each other once all of the kids move out and we’re left alone together. I do not want to wake up one day, look at him and say, “Who the heck is this man I’m living with?”

I need to keep practicing the art of not being a nag. I need to be patient and remember he’s my husband, not my child. I need to treat him with the respect he deserves as well as the way I want him to treat me.

So far I’ve discussed nurturing my Faith in God as well as nurturing my marriage. Come back soon to see what else is on the agenda. There are plenty of more areas for me to work on.