31 Little Things – 6

I have a confession to make. As much as I like the idea of a nice weekend breakfast for the family, I don’t actually want any part of making it. I don’t really eat breakfast myself, and when I do, it’s closer to 10 and it’s usually a bowl of cereal. But I DO love pancakes for dinner and don’t even mind making them.

My little one eats cereal or something easy just about every day, so it’s not like I’m making her breakfast every day. Pour, pour, go.

Last night I had an extra person here, and she likes to eat in the morning. I didn’t have anything here, so I went to the store for breakfast goods. I decided on bacon and pancakes. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve made plenty of pancakes from scratch, and plenty from mixes where you add eggs and milk or whatever. But I was in no mood for that. I didn’t completely cheat and get frozen pancakes, but I got the next best (laziest) thing I could find.

That’s right. Shake and Pour. Whatever I have to do to speed up the torturous breakfast making process with as little mess as possible. For a Saturday morning that I need to actually cook, Bisquick Shake and Pour makes me happy.