31 Little Things – 29

Every day when I get the mail, Jess asks me the same thing, “Did I get anything today?” You can guess that the answer is typically no. And March 29 was no different. There was nothing in the mailbox for her. We went out for a few hours during the late morning, and when we returned, there was a box next to the front door. Jess picked it up and asked who it was for. I gave her my canned response, “Probably daddy’s.” He gets boxes pretty often. She handed it to me and I looked at the name. “Oh my gosh! It says Jessalyn!” She was SO excited. I peeled off the paper and cut the tape but stopped there. I wasn’t about to open it any more than that. That was her job.

She had fun opening the box and looking at the goodies her grandma made for her.

And just for fun, I want to include something that totally brightened my day.

A few minutes later that little rainbow turned into this

Refraction via a reflector on Christian’s bike wheel. Love it.