10 + 10 Part 2

Earlier in the week I posted 10 Things I like and 10 Things I don’t Part 1. You can see that here if you’d like. 

Today I’m going to tackle 10 things I don’t like.

  1. Heat. I’ve already talked about the heat, but since it’s been near 90° the past several days, I thought I’d reiterate it. Because really? November is almost over. Why is it even this hot?
  2. Decorating for holidays. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love the decorations. I just don’t like doing it. And don’t even get me started on putting them away. Ugh.
  3. The fact that my grandma is 97. We have had a close relationship all my life, and just knowing that we’re living on such a short amount of borrowed time is hard to swallow. I try not to dwell on it, but she’s always reminding me these days that she doesn’t have much longer.
  4. Living in Southern California. It’s a love/hate thing really. Of course this is where my friends and family are, so I love it. But it’s getting hotter and drier, and it’s just so darn expensive. If I could pick up everyone I love and care about, and move them out of here with me, I’d be gone in a heartbeat.
  5. Opening gifts in front of people. I feel like my reaction is never going to be good enough. I feel awkward making a big fuss because that’s not me and is so fake. That doesn’t mean I don’t love what I’ve been thoughtfully given. I do. I promise. Please buy me things. hahaha I kid… Kind of.  Not really.
  6. Cleaning. I hear there are weird people out there that actually enjoy it. I am not one of them.
  7. Malls. And shopping in general. I can’t remember the last time I went to a mall with the exception of a few weeks ago when I tagged along with my friend. We had one store to go to, and were out of there within 15 minutes. Thrift stores and craft stores are an exception to the shopping dislike. I could spend hours in both. Alone preferably.
  8. Marshmallows. Because, gross.
  9. Queen Palm Trees. What a MESS those trees are. There’s one probably 20 yards from our front door. First they make these tiny white flowers that fall off by the hundreds (maybe thousands) and end up getting tracked all over the living room. Then they make these orange “fruits” that are about the size of say, a bouncy ball, that fall off. As they sit decaying on the ground and get stepped on over and over, they begin to smell like rotting pumpkins. That’s pleasant, right? No. And heaven help you if you’re walking under it when one of those balls falls off and hits you in the head. Yeah, that happens often.
  10. Coming downstairs in the morning and finding the trashcan in the kitchen has been knocked over by the dogs.

So there you have it. Ten things I don’t like.

I’m hoping to get a post up before Thanksgiving, but chances are, that’s not going to happen. So if I don’t get one up, please have a wonderful holiday however you celebrate it. Especially enjoy that food. Besides the being thankful thing, we all know Thanksgiving is really about the food and football.

With A Grateful Heart

November 2002 was the last time my grandma was responsible for making the Thanksgiving dinner.

When I was younger, my grandpa was responsible for the daily meals at their home. However, it was up to my grandma to prepare Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners. Most of the time it was only my mom, my uncle, my grandparents and myself at dinner. My grandma insisted we’d eat at 2 p.m. I never really understood why we had our big celebratory meal in the middle of the day.

When my grandpa passed away in 1994, the responsibility to feed herself fell on my grandma. She wasn’t much for cooking outside of holidays. However, she continued to create large meals for us to consume at 2 p.m. SHARP every year.

In 2002, Jason and I went over there for another Thanksgiving meal. Dinner was served, and there was something terrible lurking in the gravy boat. It was an oil slick. Half was gravy, the other half a greasy layer of ick. I’m a big gravy fan and to say I was disappointed is a bit of an understatement. I don’t remember much, but I probably did my best to pull up the gravy from the bottom of the boat to slather my turkey, stuffing and potatoes with.

Fast forward a few hours and my grandma was resting in her room. Mom, my uncle, Jason and I sat around playing a game called Remote Possibilities and decide it was time for pie. I have to say, pumpkin pie is my all-time favorite pie. My grandma came out of her room and my mom headed off to the kitchen to serve it up. Jason and I were each served hearty slices of the good stuff. Jason took a bite and made an odd face. I wondered what his problem was because seriously, pumpkin pie doesn’t warrant that kind of reaction.

I got a nice big forkful, lifted it to my mouth anticipating a delicious bite of pie. Once said bite entered my mouth it only took a fraction of a second to understand why Jason had made that face. My grandma had forgotten to put the sugar in the pie filling.

My mortified grandmother suggested scraping out the pie filling, adding the sugar and pouring it back into the shell. Through our tear filled laughter, Jason and I decided to head down to the grocery store and pick up two pies for $4 and a bottle of wine.

I told my grandmother the pie filling would make a great pumpkin bread base but she just threw it away.

That dinner is still one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories, and I’m so grateful I still have my grandmother in my life. I feel very lucky for that. Even though she doesn’t live in SoCal anymore, and therefore I don’t get to share Thansgiving dinner with her, I make a point to call her and let her know I’m thankful she’s in my life.

So in closing, please accept this wish for you and your loved one as you gather around the Thanksgiving table. May your gravy be greaseless and your pies sweet!

How about you? Do you have any memorable Thanksgiving faux pas you’d like to share with the rest of us? Leave a comment and share with the class.